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Payday loan with a repayment period over 30 days

Short-term rates are usually given for 30 days, however, there are offers that have a slightly longer repayment period – it can be for example 45 or 60 days.

Short-term Loan – Payday Loan

Short-term Loan - Payday Loan

As most of you I know very well, payday loans are usually given with a repayment period not longer than 30 days. Of course, virtually all of the companies allow you to extend the repayment date, but you have to pay extra for such facilities as you know. Today, I collected companies that offer a longer repayment period of more than 30 days, so they have a 40, 45 or even 60 day repayment option.

I will start with the last one, which is available in several companies, although unfortunately not always in the case of the first loans. However, Wonga can offer us a loan with a repayment period of 60 days already at the first granted loan and this is not the only advantage we will come across in the case of this offer. All new customers can take advantage of a special promotion under which they will pay only PLN 10 for the first loan. And to anticipate your questions, I will immediately inform you that this also applies to the longest 60 day repayment period. You can reach out for a loan in Wonda if you are 18 or older and have a fixed income. The first time, we can apply for a maximum of PLN 750, for further loans up to PLN 2,500.

We can also get a loan for 60 days at Quicash, provided that the first loan will amount to PLN 400 to PLN 1000. Loans with a 60-day period, however, are not covered by the promotional terms offered by Quicash to new clients. Promotion of the first loan for PLN 0 applies only to loans with 30-day repayment, and then the amount of loans can reach PLN 1,500. The same offer and conditions are also offered by Roobank, Cash bank or Zaloan, and thus the twin brands Quicash. A condition for obtaining a loan in all the mentioned brands is 21 years and no debts from the databases of the National Debt Register.

Another hour with a period longer than 30 days I found in Manyporfel which offer on the domestic loan market appeared relatively recently. The maximum repayment period for this company is 45 days and it will certainly appeal to people who have not yet taken loans through Manyporfel. Mainly because the first loan is possible to borrow for free and the mentioned period of 45 days is also covered by the promotional terms. To get a loan in this company, you must be 23 years old and have a clean account in the debtors’ registers. In the case of the first loan, we have a chance to get up to PLN 1,400, in the case of further loans, up to PLN 3,400.

The Fast Coin, apart from the standard repayment period from 50 d 30 days, also offers a 40-day option. Like most companies, we can also promote the first 0% loan in Roobank Coin but this applies only to loans taken for a period not longer than 15 days. If we are a new customer who borrows the first loan, we can count on the maximum amount of PLN 800, and for further loans up to PLN 3,200. The terms of obtaining a loan are 20 years of age and Polish citizenship.

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